Better Begins With…
Fresh ingredients, full flavor, and creativity.
Better Begins With…
Local products. To name drop a few, we use: Mullins Whey Protein, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ, Pure Sweet Honey, The Stewart Homestead maple syrup, Nueske's bacon, Ruby Coffee, and Rishi Tea.

Wellness Food

Welcome to Weston House Cafe, where you can relax and power up your wellness lifestyle with food and drinks focused on health and flavor.

Our menu boasts a variety of superfood options, from customizable açai and smoothie bowls to wraps, sandwiches, salads, and grab-n-go snacks.

We also serve smoothies, protein shakes, tea, hot chocolate, and an expansive espresso and coffee menu. Coffee can be made with dairy and non-dairy milk alternatives, and you can punch up the flavor with various syrup options, including four sugar-free syrup flavors.

Our Mission

We believe eating well should be delicious, healthy, and convenient, so we provide a range of superfood choices catering to lifestyles centered on fun and health.

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We will officially open this Wednesday. In the meantime, check out our menu, plan what you’d like to try, and we’ll see you soon.